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Alan Johnson, the founder of ConsultioConsultius and former Director of JLB credit, is a serial entrepreneur and writer who is passionate about helping small businesses launch and grow. His work has been featured in Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, and Forbes. Here he shares the secrets of his success.
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Johnsons modest home office is the nerve centre of ConsultioConsultius

I arrive a minute early.

When I approach Alan's house, I am surprised to find he lives in a rather modest two-bedroom terraced, though I am not sure why (after all, rumor has it Lord Sugar operates out of a refurbished auto fix garage). I knock at the door. He answers so quickly I am startled, but before I can say anything, he is welcoming me in, shaking my hand, all smiles and laughter.

He tells me about his time at JLB, speaking fondly of trips to Frankfurt and the Edinburgh conference, but he tells me he doesn’t miss the industry. “The financial crash in 2008 was more of a blessing than a curse,” he says, adding that it helped “put him on his true path.” And what is that path? “A new management consultancy,” he tells me gleefully.

Apparently, it wasn’t easy convincing his long-time friend and partner Richard Head to join him since neither had any real experience, but Johnson put his fears to rest immediately. “Get in, fire 30% of the workforce, new logo, get out. Boom, you’re now a fully trained management consultant. That’s what I told Richard,” Johnson says, laughing as he recalls the conversation.

And so Consultio-Consultius was born.

I asked Johnson if there were any moments he regretted moving out of the credit industry or had worried about whether he had made the right choice hedging his bets on Consultio-Consultius.

“Not Really,” he explains, “after all, the past is history, the future is a mystery, and this moment is a gift; That is why this moment is called the present, so I try and enjoy it.” And Johnson clearly is enjoying himself. Not only has Consultio-Consultius turned a hefty profit, but he and Richard have also made headlines with some high-profile success stories.

“Well, in the early days, we were up from dawn till dusk, working all hours, taking any and every meeting, really just trying to put ourselves out there as problem solvers.” Johnsons certainly built a reputation as a problem solver. “I think outside the box,” he explains, “always have. In fact, I think so far outside the box people think I don’t know where the box is; but trust me, I do”.
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Another orange hatted colleague arrives in office.
BSACNOW - Smart Home Solutions
Richard took us through some of their latest projects

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